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 Privacy and Safety at Two Peas

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PostSubject: Privacy and Safety at Two Peas   Privacy and Safety at Two Peas Icon_c10Sun Apr 17, 2011 9:50 pm

At Two Peas we understand your need for privacy. As much we would encourage everyone to be themselves and share as much as they can about themselves, there are certain things about yourself that you might want to keep hidden from potential snoopers. Here are a few things we are ensuring remain hidden from anyone other than Two Peas members.

  • Sections other than the Must Read section are not available for unregistered members for viewing. That means whatever you write here regarding yourself and your views is protected from the general Internet traffic and is only visible to our registered members.

  • You do not have to use your real name for signing up. In fact we recommend not using your real name for this. If and when you do meet someone you like you can privately disclose your name to them.

  • Be careful when giving out your information to people you meet. When we talk about registered members we only mean people that have signed up with us and have been approved after a few preliminary scans by us. No one here will be *verified* by us and so it is up to your discretion (and may I saw common sense) to decide on how much information you want to share with them. For e.g. if you meet someone new, before you get to know them better maybe just give them your email address rather than your phone number.

  • While we are on the topic of emailing - did you notice the private messages you can send on Two Peas? It is a way for you to message/mail Two Peas members right here and no one else will be able to see this communication. Sort of like Facebook messages.

  • Do not click on any suspicious links. If in doubt please contact us first.

  • Same goes for any suspicious members. Two Peas Admins will always be here to guide you on such matters.

  • Two Peas is a complete non-profit place - meaning we do not plan on capitalizing on user information in way, shape or form. The ads you might see are mainly ads posted by Forumotion (the website that is hosting Two Peas). We are working on getting these ads removed.

Privacy is a very serious concern. We understand that. Do let us know how we can improve privacy/safety around here.
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Privacy and Safety at Two Peas
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