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 How to use Two Peas?

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How to use Two Peas? Empty
PostSubject: How to use Two Peas?   How to use Two Peas? Icon_c10Thu Apr 21, 2011 1:09 pm

A short guide on how to go about using Two Peas. A new forum can be confusing for those who are not familiar with online forums. We will also talk about how Two Peas is organized. All of this so that you get better at finding your way around and having your voice heard.

This introduction might be useless to some Two Peas members who are familiar with online forums so - bear with us! You should still read it though.

Two Peas is a community built using an online forum hosted on Forumotion.
Let us start with how Two Peas is organized. On the home page right now you can see 4 different categories -

  • Must Read - A section with topics explaining what Two Peas is about, our rules and this topic. It is your essential introduction to Two Peas. Take time to read through these, we have been told that it is definitely a good read!

  • Meet and Greet - Two main sections here, a place to introduce yourself and the questionnaires. The section for introducing yourself is there for new members to say hi to our current members. To give you a real world analogy, imagine yourself saying hi to everyone when you meet a new group of people. And everyone else show your manners and welcome all new members by asking them how they are.
    As you probably already know each member is required to fill up a short questionnaire within 10 days of signing up. All of these are posted for all other members to see under the Questionnaires section. Go ahead and read answers given by other members. If you agree with anything nod along with them Twisted Evil. If you disagree then let them have it Evil or Very Mad. If you are confused then no harm in asking questions scratch.

  • Discussions - For now we have the sections named Marriage, Live-In Relationships and Dating but we might add more sections as time passes. We guess no need to explain what kind of discussions are allowed under which section. You are free to talk about anything under the sun!
    "Do arranged marriages deserve the negative rep they have gotten?"
    "What about the higher divorce rate in love marriages?"
    "How to handle the stigma faced by live-in relationships?"
    Anything. You ask and we are sure someone out there will be willing to discuss.

  • Privacy and Safety - This section is mostly for us to highlight how important your privacy and safety are to us. Here you will find some general guidelines on things to do and things you definitely shouldn't do. Feel free to voice any concerns here.

Can you tell we like to stay organized? So do help us by posting your thoughts under the right sections!

Now that you know your way around let us get familiarized with a few of the icons and buttons floating around.

How to use Two Peas? I_post
Press this button to post a new topic. Once you post a topic other members will be able to see it and reply to it.

How to use Two Peas? I_reply
Use this button to reply when you are inside a topic. Your reply will show up below any existing replies from other members.

How to use Two Peas? I_reply_locked
This means that the topic you are viewing is 'locked' which means that no new replies can be posted.

How to use Two Peas? I_icon10
Use this if you want to include someone's earlier post in your reply. It is sort of how you see a mail trail in emails.

How to use Two Peas? I_folder_sticky
This one is important! A topic can be labeled as a 'Sticky' only by the Two Peas Admin. These are topics that are 'stuck' to the top of that section so that they are always easily accessible for everyone. Topics are usually made 'Sticky' when they are considered important.

Finally, we are also in the process of making a list of all the users. That one coming up shortly!
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How to use Two Peas?
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