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One Pea
One Pea

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PostSubject: Forum Rules   Forum Rules Icon_c10Mon Mar 28, 2011 12:36 am

I would like to keep this short and simple.

First of all, the STRICT rules that are to be followed by ALL members. Non-compliance will lead to prompt deletion of that user.

1. NO spamming, pornography, trolling or profanity. This includes adding links to sites that might have objectionable content.

2. NO hateful remarks or references regarding the caste, religion, sexual orientation and so on of anyone.

3. NO posting along topics that are outside the function of this forum. This includes advertisements, promoting other websites or posts on topics that are not at all related with the main reason for this forum's existence. There are plenty of forums out there that will provide a playground for any topic that is not covered here. Members who violate this rule will be deleted after a fair first warning.

4. We (the admins) are no Moral Nazis here. We allow (some might even say encourage) all relevant topics to be discussed regardless of how sensational they might be. Discussing of controversial topics relevant to the topic of dating and marriage within or outside the Indian culture are welcome. If something is too controversial or biased do expect a retort from us and other members. It is part and parcel of discussions and is not to be taken personally.
BUT we still reserve the final right to remove a certain post if it seems to cross certain bounds. These bounds are defined in the rules above but we reserve the right to not remember every possible naughtiness you can come up with and so the rules will be modified as we go along

Secondly, the ones below are not strict rules as such but guidelines on what is expect from the members of this community.

1. Active participation. This is a very vital role for any member (isn't that the reason why you signed up in the first place!).

  • The members will have to fill out our simple questionnaire within 10 days of signing up.This questionnaire serves the simple purpose of getting to know you better and will not be used for judging you in any shape of form as long as you do not include any of the objectionable material outlined in the strict rules above.
  • Regular participation is expected from the members on a daily basis. Inactive members will be monitored. If an account stays inactive for more than 30 days without prior notice it will be locked.
  • Members are encouraged to write/post thoughtful articles on their thoughts regarding relationship issues. These will not only get you varied response from others but it will also help you find like minded people.
  • Feel free to approach people. We have this forum to provide a playground for couples to meet, so go ahead, completely exploit this opportunity to contact that guy/girl you feel you might connect with. This is a place to shed your inhibitions.

We will be amending this list as and when necessary. Despite all the strict and necessary rules we promise we are fun people.

Happy talking.

Two Peas Admin
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Forum Rules
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